Tricks and Trucs

Tricks and Trucs are short and fun games in order to fortify the relationship between you and your dog. It gives your dog something to think about and thereby he will learn to become aware of his behavior: small actions and practices in particular. Some tricks are simply for the fun of it, others for the sake of utility.

The way I train dogs is by using a clicker. Using the clickermethod implies learning the dog that he will get rewarded frequently for undertaking the desired small steps towards the final behavior. The dog voluntarily learns to choose the appropriate behavior. This type of training demands a very consistent and carefully prepared training program, something the trainer should be really conscious about.

In my experience, using this trainingsmethod will eventually improve the skills of dogtrainers and besides that dogs really like this way of learning. There’s always some range of trics matching the capabilities of your dog!

During my classes I distinguish nose tricks, paw tricks or tricks by using the muzzle. No matter what tric you want to learn your dog, always work from calmness and focus. 

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