Obedience is a competition sport, coming from Great-Britain, and – that’s the best part of it, it’s a sport for everyone: no matter you’re young or old, if the dog’s a pure breed or a mixed dog.

Obedience embraces six different classes, increasing in difficulty:

* Pre-Beginner
* Beginner
* Novice
* A
* B
* C
A precise execution of exercises like heelwork, retrieving, send-a-way and sorting are making Obedience a very fascinating sport. In fysical respect it’s not a very stressful sport, so all dogs can be trained to perform at the highest level, even at an older age.

Obedience is a fantastic sport. It is a hobby that you and your dog can practice on a daily basis. Many dog ​​sports are often seasonal. Obedience is a sport for every season: in summer the competition is held outdoor and in winter a good indoor accommodation is ensured.

To monitor the quality of our sport often only English judges are invited to judge the competition. These judges are qualified to judge at the highest level.

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