Treibball is a sporting game with big colored Yoga balls, arranged in triangular shape and opposed to a goal. For the dog, the game’s objective is to push the balls into the goal in the shortest possible time. The dog is allowed to use his nose or chest to keep the balls moving. At all times, the handler remains in the goal and will bring the dog to sit or lie down when he pushed the last ball into the goal. The higher level you’re competing, the longer the distance to the goal will be. The number of balls will also increase.

This sport is still relatively new, and a perfect exercise for sporting dogs. Control around the balls is important: a beautiful combination between fun and impulse control. This sport is not only suitable for shepherds and cattledrivers, but for all types of dogs, with or without pedigree. The large breeds work with 65 cm balls, dogs with a height less than 40 cm with 45 cm working balls.

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