Our story

Over the last ten years, Brigitte has focused on the interaction between owner and dog. Van Gestel is a certified canine instructor and regularly attends workshops, lectures and conferences of well known, both domestic and foreign dog trainers. By focusing on the right communication a unique collaboration between man and dog is possible. This more than once demonstrated by Van Gestel herself, who won for the second time the title Dutch Champion Doggydance with her own dog and managed to become World Champion with the Dutch Obedience team.

In addition to training her own dogs, she gives lessons in obedience and dog dance throughout Europe. Motivation and enjoyment are of the highest priority. Brigitte previously worked as an instructor of guide dogs for seven years in a row. She also trains dogs for children with autism. The ultimate proof that learning to communicate better is possible through interaction with a dog.

Canine Company is open for people who want to become skilled in obedience, dogdance, treibball or working by the clickermethod itself. Actually it doesn’t matter what sport it is, it is the mission of Canine Company to show how beautiful the cooperation with your dog can be if you know how to use the right training methods. If you know how t motivate your dog in the right way, he will do exactly what you want him to do. Obviously Canine Company works exclusively based on positive  rewards.

All this is done in small groups, or individually, both on a central location. In addition, Brigitte also gives high level demonstrations obedience demonstrations, dogdance and Tricks & Trucs with her dogs. Brigitte is also available as lecturer on behavior / learning principles.

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